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Unified School District #200 will prepare its students to live, learn, and work as productive adults and citizens in an ever changing global society in the 21st century. This preparation will be provided through an integrated comprehensive curriculum, dedicated staff, and parental and community involvement. Furthermore, it is our goal to provide appropriate learning opportunities for all students and to foster a desire to pursue lifelong learning.



Unified School District #200 will provide an educational environment that recognizes the individual differences of all students; that encourages each individual to develop to his/her highest possible potential mentally, physically, and socially; that promotes a positive self-image, self-discipline, self- respect, respect for others and other’s property, a sense of patriotism, respect for authority, and respect for family and community. The district will also provide a broad curriculum that enables individuals to think creatively, critically, and constructively; to recognize and solve problems logically; and to function as effective and responsible citizens in a democratic society.

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